If you’re looking for a way to have a balance in your mental, physical and spiritual state, reiki healing might be the perfect choice. The word Reiki is derived from the Japanese words –Rei which means “The Higher power” and Ki which means “life force energy”. Such treatment is done through working with the universal light force. The aim of such treatment is to rejuvenate the soul and balance the energy level of your body. Whatever you’re going through, physical pain, mental stress or spiritual challenges, Reiki Healing Austin and their techniques will help you.  

 Reiki Healing

In the traditional forms of reiki healing system, there are three major techniques taught to the patients. The first one is Kenyoku Ho (cleansing), followed by Joshin Kokyu Ho (breathing) and Seishin Toitsu (unification of the mind). You can do a self-healing session or get assisted by a Reiki master.  

Kenyoku Ho 

One of the most important parts of reiki healing is the spiritual cleansing, but this is often neglected by those who practice Reiki. If you want to do the session with a Reiki master or do a self-healing session, aura cleaning should be part of your routine. In this technique, the cleansing if focused on the upper parts of your body; that are your arms, torso and hands. Your upper body part does most of the interaction with another person’s aura. So if you interacted with a lot of energies (especially negative ones), cleansing is important so unpleasant energies are purged out.  

Joshin Kokyu Ho 

Another form of Reiki healing is Joshin Kokyu Ho meditation. This meditation will improve the way you channel the Reiki energy in your energy channels, by opening and cleansing them. Doing this practice is essential in doing the Reiki healing, because you will be able to strengthen and cleanse the primary energy channel.  

In doing this meditation, you should know the two important elements. These are the mudra of balance and the Hara or the region of your body. The mudra of balance symbolizes harmony and balance between the spiritual and physical realm, you might have heard of this in Buddhist practices. The Hara or the first Tab T”ien is the place that governs all life energies. This region is located just few centimeters below your belly button. This element promotes a deep connection with the ground.  

Seishin Toitsu 

This technique is called the mindfulness meditation. The word Seishin means spirit or pure mind and Toitsu means focusing or gathering together towards something. That’s why it’s called mindfulness meditation is because your mind should be focused on achieving the task as hand. This meditation involves the unity of spirit and action, and mind and body.  

It involves breathing through your hands. When you do this, you should keep the Gassho first. Once you breathe in, visualize that the white light of Reiki flows from your hands into your Hara. Imagine the white light being stored in your Hara and then flowing out through your hands. Repeat this meditation for a couple of minutes.