Chronic pain can take over a certain individual’s productivity. Every day, people suffer from different causes of chronic pain, whether from injuries, or from diseases that a person has acquired or genetically born with. Chronic pain is very debilitating, and a lot of individuals have lost their function to perform at work or even do a simple task every day because of the severe pain they go through every day.   

Today, the number one solution for chronic pains are painkillers. Painkillers are the most common medication advised by doctors to patients suffering chronic pain. There are a lot of types of painkillers for specific type of chronic pain. The common types of painkillers are aspirins, tranquillizers, morphine and more. These drugs help the patients to relieve the pain they experience. However, even if painkillers are great help in relieving pain, there are also a downside to its benefits.  



Due to the relieving benefit of painkillers, some users of the drugs become addicted to its effect. Chronic pain can be very unbearable, and some patients will experience a certain high and euphoric feeling when being relieve of the pain they experience. Some patients become tolerant to the dosage and will take double dose of painkillers for relief however this addiction can cause more problems to its users than relief. Like all medications when taken too much, painkillers have dangerous side effects that can harm our bodies, especially when it is being abused it can cause:  

  • Poor concentration  
  • Depression  
  • Constipation  
  • Memory loss  
  • Apathy  
  • Mood Swings  

Long-term side effects may cause serious health damage such as:  

  • Liver damage  
  • Kidney failure  
  • Cardiovascular problems  
  • Mental function issues  
  • Respiratory problems  
  • And death due to overdose  


There are healthy and natural alternatives for treating chronic pain without taking too many painkillers or having invasive surgeries. You can always opt for Pain Management Spokane near you and have an evaluation or an overall diagnostic to treat your chronic pain. Lifestyles changes can also be one factor to treat your chronic pain, ask your doctor if these natural remedies and alternatives can be good for treating your chronic pain issues:  

  • Herbal alternatives such as cannabis and kratom.  
  • Consider regular exercise for non-injury related chronic pains.  
  • Change of lifestyle and diet 
  • opt for recreational activities such as yoga.  
  • Try acupuncture 
  • Ask for a different medication.  
  • Try biofeedback therapy 
  • Look for another specialist who can treat your chronic pain with healthy alternatives.  

Pain management will always involve painkillers as a fast solution, however always be cautious and ask your physician for a natural and healthy way. Experiencing pain on a regular basis, is natural and cannot be avoided. Slow down on popping painkillers whenever you experience headaches or minor pain that can remedied by a small dose of medication. Be always knowledgeable on how to treat and manage your pain; it is also our responsibility to keep things in moderation when it comes to healing. Call your doctor in case you are no longer comfortable or you would like to have a new type of medication for your pain.